This is the website for the West Hartford Youth Soccer Association, a co-ed league. It is used for registration and payment, league and team management and communication.

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Laws of the Game and Code of Conduct

FIFA Laws of the Game

WHYSA Code of Conduct 

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FIFA 11+ Warm-up - A complete warm up program for soccer.


WHYSA Training Division Laws of the Game

Injury and Concussion Management for Coaches

League Athletics Coaches' Guide  - League athletics is our website provider.  This is their guide for coaches/managers and use of the website.

Referee's Information Kit, Fall 2014


Drills and Practice Planning - This is a very good site with hundreds of drills categorized by age and skill to be developed. - another site focused on technical and tactical drills. - This site is very helpful for planning effective practices.

Certification Information - If you would like to learn more about the Soccer coach licensing process and courses


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Resolution of Playoff Boys Tie Games




      Playoff games that are tied after regulation shall be resolved by no more than two (2) ten minute overtime extra time-periods.  During the extra time played at the end of normal playing time, the team that scores the first goal is declared the winner (Golden Goal).  If a tie still exists at the end of the first extra time-period, team shall change ends.  If a tie still exists at the end of the second extra time-period, penalty kicks shall be taken to obtain a result, according to the following procedures:


      1.   The referee shall choose the goal at which all of the kicks shall be taken.

      2.   He shall toss a coin, and the team whose captain wins the toss shall take the first kick.

      3.   (a)  Subject to the terms of the following paragraphs (c) and (d), both teams shall take 11 kicks.

            (b)  The kicks shall be taken alternately.

                 (c)  If, before both teams have taken 11 kicks, one has scored more goals than the other could, even if it were to complete 11 kicks, the taking of kicks shall cease.

                 (d) If, after both teams have taken 11 kicks, both have scored the same number of goals, or have not scored any goals, the taking of kicks shall continue, in the same order, until such time as both have taken an equal number of kicks (not necessarily 11 more kicks) and one has scored a goal more than the other.

                 4.   The team that scores the greater number of goals, whether the number of kicks taken is in accordance with the terms of the forgoing paragraph 3(a), 3(c), or 3(d), shall qualify for the next round of the competition, or shall be declared winner of the competition, as the case may be.

           5.   (a)  With the exception referred to in the following paragraph (b) only the players who are on the field of play at the end of the match, which shall mean at the end of extra time in so far as a match in which extra time is authorized is concerned, and who, having left the field temporarily with or without the referee's permission are not on the field at that time shall take part in the taking of the kicks.

                 (b)  Provided that his team has not already made use of the maximum number of substitutes permitted by the rules of the competition under which the match was played, a goalkeeper who sustains an injury during the taking of the kicks, and who because of injury us unable to continue as goalkeeper, may be replaced by a substitute

                 6.   Each kick shall be taken by a different player, and not until all eligible player of any team, including the goalkeeper or the named substitute by whom he was replaced in terms of paragraph 5 as the case may be have each taken a kick, may a player of the same team take a second kick.

                 7.   Subject to the terms of paragraph 5, any player who is eligible may change places with the goalkeeper at any time during the taking of the kicks.

           8.   (a)  Other than the player taking a kick from the penalty mark, and the two goalkeepers, all players shall remain within the center circle while the taking of kicks is in progress.

                 (b)  The goalkeeper who is a colleague of the kicker shall take up a position within the field of play, outside the penalty area at which the kicks are being taken, behind the line, which runs parallel with the goal line and at least 10 yards from the penalty-mark.


                       In the event of light failing before the end of the taking of kicks from the penalty mark,

                 the toss of a coin or the drawing of lots shall decide the result.


            Championship games that are tied after regulation shall be resolved by no more than two (2) full ten minute overtime periods.  At the end of the first overtime period, teams shall change ends.  If a tie still exists, the game shall end.