This is the website for the West Hartford Youth Soccer Association, a co-ed league. It is used for registration and payment, league and team management and communication.

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Contact Information

If you have general questions about how to register, please e-mail the Club Administrator at:  

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 271059
West Hartford, CT 06127 

If you have general questions concerns about about the Club's program, please contact Executive Vice President:                       

 Jennifer Trent:

If you have specific questions about teams, placement, g ame times, game locations, coaching opportunities, etc., you may contact the division supervisors at the following email addresses:

Training Division :  (fall/spring)
Stephen Goldschmidt: 

Mites Division :  (fall/spring)
 Scott Reynolds

Junior Division :  (fall only)
Marc Champagne: 

Senior Division :  (fall/spring)
Matthew Skelly: 

Senior Pick-up Soccer :  (spring season only)
Wolf Kaufman:  HYSAPickup