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WHYSA Boys Travel Referee

In order to become a West Hartford boys travel referee, you must hold a current grade 8 USSF certificate or lower grade.  To become a USSF referee, please visit our "Become a USSF Referee" page.   Minimum age to become a USSF referee is age 13.  To be added to our USSF referee list, please send the following info listed below to your referee assignor.  

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Under NO circumstances do we ever referee using the two man system like it is done in high school.   Our club will not pay for two CR for the same game.  If you ever short a referee, ask the coaches to find a parent volunteer to run the line for you.   That volunteer is to only let you know when the ball goes of play and you make the call for the direction.   If by chance you are the only referee at the field, you now become the center referee and follow the process of asking coaches to find you two voluteer parent to do th line for you.   CJSA, CSRP and both WH clubs all forbid the two man referee system in West Hartford. 

Recertification for the officiating year 2017 is currently closed !!!


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WHYSA Boys Travel Assignors
Mario Gilardini
BU9 – U11
Dean Cordiano



New game duration for WHYSA B-Travel games

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***recommend bring copy with you to the field ***

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